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Clarification regarding submission form and source code

First concern:

I read that I will have to answer the questions asked in the submission form from here:
and Judging criteria here:
Therefore, am I safe to assume I will have to write analysis of my approach/theory only in those questions? Would it be ok if I did not include any comment in the source codes or provide any extra explanation/write up with the submission itself?

Second concern:
I understand that the source code has to be made public. So, do I have to keep the github repository public now? Or should I keep it private now and later make it public?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Masum!

    In our submission form, we have clearly laid out all the questions you need for your submission. We just added those questions to our rules section, underneath 'Q: Which questions do you have to answer during the submissions process?'. We will using the outlined judging criteria to judge your answers to these questions. No comments in the source code are explicity needed, but we would look favorably on at least a few lines as to what each class/file does, just so we can follow your logic easily.

    As for your second concern, keeping it private would be fine, as long as it is still unsubmitted. Once you do formally submit a project, we ask that you send us a public Github repo.

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